Heartly welcome to our traditionaly bounded Family Hotel

Many years ago, Franz and Maria Teuschler laid the foundation for today's hotel-restaurant Teuschler-Mogg, when they acquired a farm with two yoke grounds. In 1905 their son Franz and his wife Johanna took over the parental court. Since 1932  the first "summer vacationers" has been at the Teuschler family farm.
Franz and Johanna had five children and son Alois ttake over the enterpris from 1947 with his wife Hermine.

In 1957, Alois and Hermine Teuschler converted the farm into a guesthouse and furhter guest rooms were added.
Two daughters - Erna and Hermione - grew up here, and Erna and her husband, Hans Mogg, took over the parental company in 1979. Teuschler became Teuschler-Mogg.

In the years 1983 to 1987 the house was renovated and the rooms were remodeled in comfort rooms.
The provisional last reconstruction took place in the years 1995 to 1998. The house was renovated and extended by some rooms.

Since 2008 daughter Ingrid and her husband Robert Thorhaggen have been able to continue the long and successful tradition of the hotel Teuschler-Mogg.
Our mission is to provide our guests a unique sense of well-being, to realize long-awaited holiday dreams, to offer you the best rest and the best service and to fulfill your heart desires during your stay!
Give us your time - we promise you an unforgettable holiday in a warm, family atmosphere and friendly environment.