Freilichtmuseeum Stübing

8114 Stübing
Phone: +43 (0)3124/53 700
Only 15 km north of Graz is one of the 10 largest and most impressive open-air museums in Europe.  Around 100 historic rural buildings from all over Austria from six centuries offer a unique overview of the wide range of Austrian rural architectural styles and cultures in Austria's only central open-air museum.

A relaxing walk leads visitors on a journey through Austria, from the buildings of Burgenland to the Bregenz Forest. Artisans' buildings, the merchant's house and a school make up the picture, as do orchards, crop fields and grazing animals.
New insights on past rural life are constantly offered by artisan demonstrations that you can join in with, a botanical garden, thematic focuses and events.
The harmony of culture and nature, of education and relaxation make a visit to Stübing a unique experience for the whole family.

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