Murecker Schiffsmühle

Am Mühlenhof 1
8480 Mureck
In the middle of one of the most beautiful landscapes of Austria The border with Slovenia, is the Murecker ship mill. Built according to the principle of a houseboat, is located at this mill type The entire milling and grinding technology including the drive - the corrugator, Which inevitably reminds one of the paddle wheel of a wheel steamer A floating platform. (Pontoon) Centuries ago turned on the lower Mur thanks to the inexhaustible Power of the water the great wheels of the ship mill. The mill was rebuilt in 1997 according to the original model and is the only one Floating and functioning mid-european mill in traditional construction. The "voice of the mill" is heard again and the "Bartholomäus Lorber" is Became the second landmark of Mureck.

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