GenußReich Bad Waltersdorf



Thaler Family operates dairy farming for generations on their farm. Their 48 cows and 40 pcs young cattle are fed with the best food of lush meadows, grain and corn from their own cultivation.
Milk, yogurt, cream cheese and fruit whey can be found in their farm shop in Leitersdorf.

Vinery Pichler

The company has its roots in the peasant family. Franz Pichler dedicated to the production of high quality wines since 1997. The most important thing is quality and his aim isn’t the amount, rather the attention to details.

Fruit farm Handler, fruit farm Lang

the family focus on delicious juices and fresh fruit.
Mrs. Handler also manages the weekly farmer's market at the “Heiltherme”
Handler Josef  Tel. 03333/2459 Familie Friedrich Lang, Tel. 03333/2391

Jams paradise Erhardt

Manual cooked jams are a sweet temptation that is loved by young and old. Visit our new showroom, where all our varieties are ready to taste.

Apiary Kurz

They manage about 300 colonies of bees, with which they harvest different types of honey. They also win Royale bee pollen propolis and jelly.

Toni Bräu

Drink beer and live longer! Beer is free of cholesterol and fat. Scientists proofed drinking beer in moderation, lowers the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Family Fiedler and Pichler

Delicious meat products as “Selchwürstel”, “Selchkarree” different spreads can be found
in these families. Both place great importance on quality and sustainable products.

Hofladen - Familie Ewald & Heidi FIEDLER, Tel 0664/23 88 616
Familie Franz & Anita PICHLER, Tel 03333/2405 

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