Riegersburg & Greifvogelwarte & Kletterwand & Bogenparcours

Nr. 26
8333 Riegersburg
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Visible for miles around, the 850 year old Riegersburg Castle rises from the rocks of a volcanic mountain and offers a wonderful view over the valleys, forests and magnificent vineyards of southeastern Styria and the famous Castle Route. Incidentally, this name comes from the fact that it is in a region that has one of the highest densities of castles and palaces in the world.  18 of these buildings await you.

But back to "our" castle. Even the climb up to the castle is an experience. Three kilometres of defensive walls with arrow slits, seven gatehouses and eleven bastions tell the story of its turbulent past.
A new incline cable car on the north side of the castle gets to the stronghold in 1 ½ minutes.
Amongst the castle's treasures are the imposing Great Hall, built in 1600, with its magnificent doors and panelled ceiling and the White Room, which dates from 1658, with its ornate stucco ceiling; a masterpiece of the Early Baroque.
There are two exhibitions in the castle: the "Witch Museum" in the cellar, which is a continuation of the successful state exhibition of 1987, and the exhibition of "The Tale of Riegersburg - Legendary Women".

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