Going on a hike is probably the best way to experience this area of Bad Waltersdorf and get to know its manifold faces. Whatever season, the “Thermenregion Bad Waltersdorf” is always a worth a hike.

A choice of tours:
  • W2 Flower trail, 6,7 km, duration ca. 2 hours
  • W4 Apple trail, 10,7 km, duration ca. 3,5 hours
  • W3 Roman wine trail, 8,6 km, duration ca. 2,5 hours
  • W6 Celtic Horoscope trail, 12,6 km, duration ca. 4 hours
  • W7 Herrschaftswald trail, 11,3 km, duration ca. 3,5 hours
  • Clever clogs -trail Sebersdorf, duration ca. 1,5 hours

The detailed list of all tours  with maps and altitudes an description you can find at the reception and at the tourism office or online.